I am Photographing 50 women between now and spring and YOU'RE INVITED.  I  want each woman to see herself as I see her; full of grace, beauty, confidence, and power.  


The Come as You Are promotional package is $275 (valued at $500)


  • DESIGN CONSULTATION: We discuss what beauty means to you, what makes you feel beautiful, and how you would like to be photographed.  Don't worry if you're thinking "I have no idea how I  want to be photograhed!?"  I'll ask you questions and get you thinking about possibilities and before you know it, we'll have a plan.  

  •  HAIR & MAKEUP STYLING on the day of your session so you can feel put together and amazing for your photo shoot.  I  have been providing hair and makeup services to my clients for years and am happy to serve you here in the studio; however if you would prefer a licensed professional, I can recommend several to you at your cost.

  • LUXURY STUDIO PHOTO SESSION with Photographer Heather Gallaher in up to 5 different looks in her AuSable studio. 

  • REVEAL AND ORDERING SESSION 1-2 weeks after your photo shoot to personally review the curated collection of imagery and to select your favorite imagery to order (should you choose to do so. No additional purchase is required). One matted 7x10” portrait will be included, ready for framing. (includes digital file, Photographer's choice)

    • If you’re interested in purchasing additional imagery from your session, $100 from your session fee will be applied toward your portrait order! Please let us know if you’d like a detailed pricing menu in the contact form below. Individual images are $175, image packages start at $650.

  • PERSONAL VIDEO INTERVIEW with Heather, as you answer some questions about finding your voice as a woman and your journey.  These interviews will be used to promote this project on both website and social platforms. 

  • VIP access to the exhibition (TBD, 2021)


  • Have an empowering and transformational experience.

  • Create photographs I’m proud to share.

  • To have photographs that will be in my family for generations.

  • To inspire my children and other women to value themselves.

  • Gain Self-Confidence.

  • Reclaim an aspect of who I am that I thought was gone forever.

  • To learn to love the woman staring back at me in my reflection.

  • Because loving myself is anything but selfish.  

  • Celebrate MYSELF because I deserve it!!



I've noticed that as many women mature, they become more and more likely to shy away from the camera, and avoid being photographed in general.  I've heard every excuse in the world; and all of them revolve around us not looking in some way 'like we used to'.  This is something to be CELEBRATED.  You don't want to be who you once were.  You have grown and learned, you are wiser and more beautiful than ever.  To say 'no one wants to see photos of me' is simply untrue.  Let me show you another story.  You are just as powerful, gorgeous, and stunning as you have ever been, and more.  40, 50, 60, and 90... there is so much beauty in every age and stage of life, and we are going to create that portraiture together! And frankly, isn’t it time we change the idea that beauty fades after 35?  The most gorgeous women I know don't fall into an age bracket.  They claim who they are, regardless of what chapter of life they are in.

  • There is beauty in self discovery.

  • There is beauty in confidence.

  • There is beauty is wisdom.

  • There is beauty in YOU, let me show you.

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