I want you to be seen.

I believe there is nothing out of my reach.  I believe in doing work that matters to you, and greeting that work with bold enthusiasm.  I believe in the power of music and nature and the love of an animal.  I believe in the magic of the body.  I believe every single person is entitled to their sexuality, and their sensuality as part of their daily life. I believe that children are our greatest teachers and we owe them a better planet, a better society, and our best selves.

I believe in the possibility in people.  All people.

I believe that a woman can break free of any chains that are holding her.  I believe that whatever sets your skin afire and brings tears to your eyes is your calling and your responsibility is to answer that call.

I am so far from perfect, but I feel these beautiful moments of aliveness in between the minutes and hours and I think that aliveness is as close to perfect as we can hope for in this life.  I am terrible at returning text messages, and worse at returning phone calls.  All that to say I love nothing more than a good, soul rumbling conversation.


I'm a woman constantly working to be void of shame,  a lover, a mother, a lifelong horsewoman, fashion addict, avid espresso and tea drinker, sex positive conversationalist, and wife to my guy of 18 years.  We live with my horses, lady pig Frank, and Ben the Newfoundland.  When I'm not at home, you can find me at a table by myself in the coffee shop with a stack of beautiful magazines or a Liz Gilbert or Brene Brown Book.

If you've gotten this far and are interested in the technical; I'm a self taught artist with no formal education to speak of.  I've photographed people all over the U.S. from backyard wedding ceremonies to multi million dollar brand campaigns.  I've been published in some cool magazines, and my photos hang in some awesome stores that I'm really grateful for and proud of.  I'm a former Marine and government program manager for a Fortune 500, a licensed massage therapist and I once sold lingerie for a living.  I've been in business for 10 years, since having an early life crisis on top of the Olympic mountains and deciding to make a shift; one that has changed my life forever.

My name is Heather Gallaher, and I am a photographer, writer, and healer. 

I look forward to walking with you on the journey.

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Tel: 760-845-2359

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