Heather Gallaher is a visual storyteller, emotional translator, and  human connection specialist.  She takes the aspirations, emotions,  and fears of clients and gives them language and a visual presence  that they can use to deliver their message.  She has photographed  people across the country for multi million dollar brands and helped  entrepreneurs build their first website. 


With experience ranging  from PTSD to personal blocks around relationships, body image,  money, and self care vs. self sabotage; Heather bridges the  psychology of connection and what motivates us, to the human side  of what we can understand right now, and how we can take  immediate action to start walking towards the best version of  ourselves.


With self actualization and authenticity as the  cornerstones of her work and interest, Heather brings challenging  questions and offers a compassionate, judgement free environment  to explore one’s possibility.


As both a former Marine and team  leader for a Fortune 500 firm, Heather brings experience in a variety  of fast paced, high intensity organizational models and how  individuals can find themselves within those organizations and  thrive, or take the leap and step out onto their own in pursuit of a  new dream. As a trained bodyworker, she can navigate areas of  disconnect and pain within the physical self and open a path back to  self celebration and integration.


Heather is a creator, development  partner, writer, speaker and artist based in a small Upstate NY town  where people still know each other’s business and winter is 13  months long. Outside of her professional life she is a lifelong  horsewoman, tireless road tripper, collector of books and all things  inspired by the old West, and espresso aficionado. She lives with  her husband, son, 2 horses, 1 shaggy dog and an opinionated  potbelly pig on their farm in the Adirondack mountains. She is  available for commission globally.

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