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I have no idea what to wear. Help?

I’m here to help you with shopping, style, accessories, everything. If you have a strong sense of personal style already, great. If not - I can walk you through choosing pieces and sometimes even offering some of my own curated closet to bring out the truest version of you that you want to capture in your photographs.

Where are you located?

My current homebase is in Jay, NY in the heart of the Adirondack High Peaks.  I also call Southern California and the Triangle of North Carolina home, and travel to each for clients regularly.  If you are located elsewhere, I'd be delighted to work with you to figure out I can travel to you, or meet you wherever you like in the world.

What if I break out right before my session?

This happens - and it’s FINE! I have a 30 day rule around retouching - if it’s something that would potentially not be there in 30 days (acne, a bruise, etc) then I will automatically remove and retouch those things, unless you ask me not to.


This seems expensive.  Is it worth it?

Yes.  Also, that's up to you.  I can tell you what a shoot costs, but you ultimately decide what it's worth to you.  Most clients leave their session saying the experience was priceless.  A second note on cost.  If you are shopping for photographs based on price, I am not the photographer for you.  If you are nervous or concerned about price, let's talk.

Can you Photoshop me skinnier? (or more tan, change my nose, chin, etc)

Longer answer. I won’t change your body in your images with photoshop or other editing tools, because your body is GOOD, right now, naturally.  Here’s what I WILL do: I will talk with you about your preferences, your comfort levels, and how you feel about your body prior to your shoot. We ALL have insecurities. Yours are specific to you, and I want to be aware of them prior to our work together. Once we’ve had that discussion, I will guide you during your shoot through poses that won’t feel like poses, and photograph you in ways that show off YOU.  I will deliver you the best photos you have ever seen of yourself, and work with you through old ideas about how you're supposed to look, so that you can appreciate the unique, beautiful way you DO look, right now.

I'm really nervous.  Can I do a shoot with a friend?


Do you offer discounts?

I do not. Each of my clients is of the utmost value to me. That said, if someone has just paid full price with me, and then I offer a discounted rate or other sale; that devalues my relationship with the clients who have paid full price. I accept credit cards and offer payment plans to ensure everyone who wishes to work with me is able to do so.

Can I bring my horse? (or dog, cat, goat, donkey, llama, parrot, emu, cow....) YEP.

My parents want to come to my session (for seniors), is that ok?

Yes and no. I love spending time with parents - but a senior session is for the senior only. Lingering parents keep their kids from relaxing, and any additional parties present are a potential distraction for both the subject and for me. If parents want to tag along for a session that’s just fine, but I’ll ask you to wait in the car if we’re at the studio, or take a walk somewhere if we’re on location. I’m delighted to catch up and do a replay of our time together afterward for parents to hear about - but the senior getting the images of their dreams is my top priority.

I am SO not photogenic.

That’s a term made up by the mainstream beauty industry and it doesn’t fly in my studio. Everyone is able to have gorgeous photographs of themselves. If you’ve never had a good one, you just haven’t been photographed by the right person yet.

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